Top 6 Zodiac Signs That Might Still Be in Love with Their Ex

Let’s face it, breakups are brutal. Even after the dust settles, some of us just can’t seem to shake the feels for our former flame. Astrology can offer some insights into why certain signs might have a harder time moving on.

Still in Love with Their Ex

Here’s a look at the top 6 zodiac signs who might still be carrying a torch for their ex:


The ever-sentimental Cancer forms deep emotional attachments. Breakups are a major blow to their nurturing nature. They might idealize the past, clinging to memories and finding it difficult to open up to new love.


Stubborn and routine-oriented, Taurus craves stability. Change, especially a relationship upheaval, throws them off balance. They might hold onto the familiar, even if the relationship wasn’t perfect, simply because it’s what they know.


The dreamy Pisces gets swept away in love’s fairytale. Breakups can shatter their idealistic view of romance. They might get lost in nostalgia, fantasizing about a reconciliation that might not be realistic.


Passionate Scorpios form intense, all-consuming bonds. Breakups can be devastating for their possessive nature. They might struggle to let go, holding onto grudges or even resorting to emotional manipulation to win their ex back.


Prideful Leos crave admiration and attention. A breakup can bruise their ego, making them question their self-worth. They might hold onto the relationship to feel validated, even if it’s unhealthy.


Analytical Virgos overthink everything. After a breakup, they dissect the relationship, replaying every detail in their mind. They might get stuck in the “what-ifs” and struggle to move forward without closure.

Important to Remember

  • These are just tendencies, not absolutes. Every person is unique, and their experiences shape how they handle breakups.
  • Astrology can be a fun lens to explore emotions, but it shouldn’t define your actions.
  • If you’re struggling to move on from an ex, consider talking to a therapist or counselor.


My sign isn’t on the list, does that mean I’m over my ex?

Not necessarily! These signs simply have traits that might make it harder to let go. It’s more about your individual circumstances and how you process emotions.

How can I get over my ex?

Focus on self-care, spend time with loved ones, explore new hobbies, and allow yourself to heal. Consider therapy if you’re having trouble moving forward.

Should I contact my ex?

It depends. If you haven’t had closure, a conversation might be helpful. However, if you’re just hoping to rekindle the romance, proceed with caution. Communicate openly and honestly about your intentions.

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