French Bulldog Training Tips for New Owners

Written by: Bob Koal

Short & Sweet Sessions

Frenchies have short attention spans. Keep training sessions fun and focused in 5-minute bursts to maximize their engagement.

Treat Power!

Frenchies love food! Use high-value treats like freeze-dried meats to reward good behavior immediately for the best results.

Patience is Key

Frenchies can be stubborn, but don't despair! Positive reinforcement and consistent training will win them over in the long run.

Leash Like a Pro

Walks are bonding time, but leash training can be a struggle. Use a harness for comfort and gentle corrections to guide your Frenchie on walks.

Potty Power

Potty training Frenchies requires consistency. Establish a regular schedule, take them out frequently, and reward them for using the bathroom outdoors.

The "No" You Know

Frenchies are clever and will test boundaries. Keep your "no" command clear and consistent, using it only for serious misbehavior.

Teething Troubles

Frenchies are champion chewers, especially during teething. Offer a variety of chew toys and redirect their attention when they target your furniture.

Frenchie Fun!

Training should be enjoyable! Laughter and positive experiences will build a strong bond with your Frenchie pup.