Who Run the World? Apparently, Elizabeth Hurley

Bob Koal

Elizabeth Hurley, the glamorous actress, nearly faced arrest thanks to her son, Damian, and his filmmaking passion.

Short Films, Big Trouble

Damian, then a young filmmaker, was creating a short film and decided to cast his mom, Elizabeth, and godfather, Hugh Grant, in a hilarious scene.

Chase Scene? At an Airport?

The plot involved Elizabeth's character chasing Hugh's character around Zurich Airport. Sounds fun, right? Well, there's more...

The Prop of Doom (or Almost Doom)

For the chase, Damian incorporated a prop – a fake dagger. While harmless, it looked pretty realistic in the bustling airport environment.

Security Concerns Take Flight

Airport security, ever vigilant, spotted Elizabeth wielding the "weapon" and things escalated quickly. The lighthearted film scene turned into a potential arrest situation!

Clearing the Air (and Hopefully Avoiding Handcuffs)

Thankfully, things were explained. Damian clarified it was a prop, and with some understanding and amusement, security stood down.

Crisis Averted, But a Story to Remember!

The arrest was avoided, but the incident became a hilarious anecdote in the Hurley-Grant family.

Family Fun, Even in the Face of Fake Daggers

This story highlights the playful bond between Elizabeth Hurley, Damian, and Hugh Grant. It's a reminder that even celebrities have fun-filled (and slightly chaotic) family moments.

Did the Film Make the Cut?

No word on whether the dramatic airport chase with the (almost) troublesome prop made it into the final film. But one thing's for sure, it made for a memorable story!